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Who lives where?

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Who lives where?
Read the story and complete the information about the houses and children.  
House: colour                         colour                                     colour
            tall                                         tall                                           tall  
            windows                                   windows                                       windows
            doors                                       doors                                           doors
Child: name                                       name                                         name
          age                                            age                                             age
          eyes                                      eyes                                         eyes
          hair                                 hair                                 hair
          pet                                      pet                                         pet
          wears                   wears               wears
Three friends live in the Gold street. Their names are Tom, Tina and Betty. They have three nice houses. The houses are green, yellow and blue.
Tina is 12. Tom is older than Tina and Betty. Betty isn't the youngest.The oldest child lives in the middle house. The youngest child lives on the left. The right house is the tallest. It is 16 m tall. Tom's house isn't the shortest. The shortest house is 6 m tall. The middle house is Betty's house minus Tina's house tall.
The child who lives in 10 m tall house has blue eyes and short brown hair. The twelve years old child has brown eyes and short blond hair. The child in the tallest house has green eyes and long black hair. Her house is green, too. The oldest child is three years older than the youngest. The child in the green house is 13 years old. The shortest house has one window and one door. The green house has three windows and two doors. The house with two windows and one door is yellow.
The children have three pets - a dog, a parrot and a mouse. The smallest pet lives in the blue house and its child wears skirts and sweaters. The pet with two legs lives in the tallest house. The child with the dog wears blue jeans and T-shirts. The child with the parrot wears sweatpants and sweatshirts.
Who is who ???????????????????