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Describing a hero

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Describing a Hero

Part A. Superheroes
Match the Superheroes to their characteristics. Write a letter (A, B, C etc) in the space next to the pictures as it is given in the example.
A. Agile and capable of climbing walls, with a sixth sense alerting to danger.     
B. Patriotic soldier with incredible strength, endurance, agility and speed.
C. Wise, intelligent, and cunning, using his brain and detective skills.
D. Powerful and dangerously strong, capable of jumping high and breathing under water.
E. Creative inventor who desighed a powerful suit.
F. Athletic and strong, capabale of flying to other worlds and galaxies.
G. A hero with hearing, smell, taste and touch amplified to superhuman degrees.


Part B. Heroes among us
Choose the correct answer:
1. He can give you good advice, he is a  man.
2. You have to be very  , if you want to ride a mountain bike.
3. Firefighters have to be  because they put their lives in danger.
4. He wanted to show how  he was to those volunteers who rescued him from the landslide.
5. He was admired by everyone for his .
6. Policemen must be very  because they chase criminals.
7. He was a very -minded person and his principle was to respect opinions and views of others.
8. She was a very kind and   nurse always ready to comfort the sick people.
9. Everybody was amazed to see his  eyes, as if nothing terrible had happened to him.
10. What are the  characteristics of a hero?