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People a society Vocab review

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Fill in the gaps with the correct form for the verb:
bring up     fall for     get on     fall out (with)     look down on   look up to     blame     pity    
  • They and are no longer speaking to each other.
  • Mark and his new flatmate well together.
  •  When the company lost a very important advertising project, Jim for it and fired on the spot.
  • Many children their older siblings, though some times they might be jelous of them.
  • I those who can't see the real intentions of the government with the passing of the new law.
  • He used to hate people who but with the years he became one of them.
  • No wonder Harry her. She's kind, very funny and willing to help anybody who needs a hand.
  • Kelsey's parents died when she was 3 so she  by her aunt Mary.

Use the word given in capitals at the end to form a word that fits in the gap.
  • The spokesperson  of the president claimed he had the to cooperate with the opposition, but nobody beleved him. WILLING
  • John is a driver. He always drives at more than 140km/h! CARE
  • After imposing such strict measures, rulers are pushing masses towards civil   OBEY
  • Will was to climb the mountain due to his asthma. ABLE
  • What's the you're most proud of?  ACHIEVE
  • Financial markets have remained stable throughout the political debate over the government borrowing limit. RELATE