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English Placement Test - Elementary

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English Placement Test


Level Elementary

 If you score more than 7 points, you can move on to the next levels

1.  A vegetarian _________ meat.

  don't eat    doesn't eat    eat

2. Look! _________ .We can't play outdoors.

  It's raining    It rains    It is rain

3. I’m sorry; I  _________ come to your party next Sunday.

 I don't can    can't     could not

4. I think, Rome is _________ city.

 most beautiful    the more beautiful      the most beautiful

5. There __________mistakes in your dictation.

  are not some are not any  is not any

6. My sister __________ a car last year.

 bought    has bought       buys 

7. __________ are you? I’m 1.70

  Which tall    How tall       What tall

8. ___________ a hamburger cost in your city? 

 How much do       How many does       How much does 

9. ___________some mineral water? Yes, please.

 Do you like        Would you like      You like

10. Tim is shorter _________ Tom.

 than       as       so