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English Placement Test- Advanced

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English Placement Test

Level Advanced

If you score less than 7 points, you can try the previous levels

1. __________ such a chance when I was young, I would have taken it.

 If I had       Had I had       If I have had

2.  ________ such a stubborn child!

 Never I have seen       Never I did see       Never have I seen 

3. _______ you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

 Should        Would        Unless

4. I suggest _________ revising grammar right away!

 us to start       us starting       we start 

5. _______ playing tennis when it began to rain heavily.

  Hardly we started       Hardly had we started       Hardly we had started

6. Yesterday _________ my first teacher in the street. It was such a great surprise.

  I happened to see       I happened seeing       I happened I saw

7.I have ordered the maid  not to enter the room without knocking. ___________!

 How dare she having disobeyed       How dare she disobey        How dares she disobeying

8. The company _______ financial issues.

has believed to experience believed to experience  is believed to be experiencing 

9. I keep sneezing all day. I think I’m _______ flu.

 coming down with       looking down on       running out of 

10. The robbers _________ last night.

are reported to have caught  are reported to have been caught    were reported to catch