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English Placement Test - Intermediate

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English Placement Test

Level  Intermediate

If you score more than 7 points, you can move on to the next levels
Else try
1. 1. We are __________ coffee, we’ll have to buy it tomorrow.
 coming up with       looking up to       running out of

2. 2. He knew the names of the streets in Paris, because __________ there before.

  he had lived       he would live       would have lived

3. 3. I wish _______ you but I don’t have the time, sorry!

 I can help       I will be able to help       I could help 
4.  _________ can do this exercise. It’s very easy.
 Someone        Anyone       No one 

5. 5. I’ll  return your dictionary _______ this article.

 after I will translate       after I will be translating        after I have translated

6. 6. I have never _______ but they say he’s a brilliant singer.

 heard him sing        heard him to sing       heard his sing

7. 7. The photocopier is free; you _______ money to use it.

 must not pay       are not able to pay        don’t have to pay

8. 8. The boss wants _______ to his office.

 us coming       us to come        that we come

9. 9. He spoke perfect Spanish, because she _______.

  got used to live        used to live       was used to live

1  10. You will have to wait for your results for some time. They _________.

 are still being checked       are still checked       have still been checked