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English Placement Test - Upper-Intermediate

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English Placement Test

Level Upper-Intermediate

If you score more than 7 points, you can move on to the next level
Else try

1. We __________ you that your application for the job has been turned down.

 regret to inform       regret informing       regret being informed 

2. We can have dinner at home but I’d rather _________ to a restaurant.

 we have gone out       we went out       we will go out

3. I wish__________ to the wedding last week.

  I was invited        I had been invited       were invited

4. If I had not lost your phone number _________ you yesterday.

 I would call         I might call        I would have called

5.  She __________ her holidays alone.

  objected to spending       objected spending       objected to spend

6. If you can’t get to sleep, __________ sheep.

  try to count        try counting       try not to count 

7. _______ the movie, I did not want to read the book.

 To have seen       To have been seen       Having seen

8. They _______ for 3 hours when they decided they needed to have a rest.

 were walking       had been walking       would have walked

9. I will put on my raincoat _______ it rains.

 in case       even if       unless

10.  _______, we did not go to bed.

 In case we were tired       Despite being tired        Providing we were tired