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English Placement Test, Pre-Intermediate

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English Placement Test

Level Pre-intermediate

If you score more than 7 points, you can move on to the next levels
Else try 

1. ________in a jet plane?

 Did you ever fly     Have you ever flown    Have you ever flew 

2. If you do not know the meaning of the word,______!

look it up look it down look up it 
3. Television _________  in the 20th century.
  invented    was invented    had invented

4. The guide warned the tourists __________ the hotel.

  do not leave    didn't leave       not to leave

5. Helen told me she __________the next morning.

 would call me        called       will call

6. __________ school, I will travel round the world.

 When I will leave       When I left       When I leave

7. I would study German If __________ time.

 I had        would have    had

8. How long _________?

 are your parents married    have your parents been married    have your parents married

9. Tom asked me __________Kate’s phone number.

 did I know       if I knew        if did I know 

10. I burnt my finger while________.

 cooked       had cooked        I was cooking